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The Office - Branch ...

The company was founded by Robert Dunder and Robert Mifflin in 1949, where they supplied metal brackets. Eventually, the company started selling paper and opened several branches across the Northeastern United States.

The Office - Branch ...

According to the former Dunder Mifflin official website: "Dunder Mifflin Inc. (stock symbol DMI) is a mid-cap regional paper and office supply distributor with an emphasis on servicing small-business clients. With a corporate office in New York City, Dunder Mifflin has branches in Akron, Ohio; Nashua, New Hampshire; Rochester, New York; Scranton, Pennsylvania; Syracuse, New York; and Utica, New York

For years, Dunder Mifflin was a paper company that was unable to compete with modern chains such as Staples and Office Depot. The company still used calls rather than the Internet, causing most customers to leave for the nation-wide chains, and is unable to adapt to an increasingly paperless world. Ryan Howard, a new employee of the Scranton branch, predicts the company will be obsolete by 2017. In 2007, Ryan Howard became Vice President of Sales and begins a massive restructuring of the entire company, including a new website that would help make sales more efficient. However, his website was a failure (due to an ill-advised social networking feature) and he is later arrested for fraud when it is discovered that he is double-counting sales transactions into the website that were already made by salesmen over the phone.

The American version of the television series The Office is filmed as a mockumentary set in the Scranton office of Dunder Mifflin. From the beginning of the series, we are given a picture as to the structure of each regional branch of Dunder Mifflin. The office is located in the Scranton Business Park, occupying the same building as Vance Refrigeration. Sales, Accounting, Human Resources, and Customer Service all occupy the same office space, and Warehousing and shipping space is apparently located in a different part of the same building. Managerial Structure is set up with a Regional Manager in charge of all operations within the same building, with an Assistant Manager directly below him (although this does not seem to be the case in all branches). A warehouse manager runs all shipping and warehousing operations in a warehouse.

In "Company Picnic", Holly mentions that the Camden and Yonkers branches had recently closed due to the economy, and she and Michael accidentally reveal that the Buffalo branch will suffer the same fate.

In "Turf War", the Binghamton branch is shut down by a drunken, despondent Robert California. The Scranton and Syracuse salespeople then fight over Binghamton's clients. (This is the first mention of either the Binghamton or Syracuse branches.)

Designed for superior support and endless adaptability, the Ergonomic Chair puts you at the center of work. Its firm lumbar support and contoured upper backrest encourage active, healthy posture while its industry-leading eight points of adjustment make it easy for anyone to find their perfect fit.Wrapped in a breathable, transparent backrest that keeps you cool throughout the day, the Ergonomic Chair adds a minimalist and modern touch whether you're in the home office or the open office.

Offices are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time (8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Central Time) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern Time (10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central Time) on Wednesday. Some offices may close for lunch or may only be open on certain weekdays. All offices are closed on state holidays.

You may obtain registrations , plates, drivers licenses and state identification cards by visiting one of the 13 motor vehicle branch offices throughout the state. We also provide licensing services through mobile unit locations or *limited services through designated AAA Northern New England offices. The payment of municipal excise (property) taxes is a prerequisite for all motor vehicle registrations. Excise taxes must be paid to your town office prior to registration. Many municipal offices also issue registrations. Some municipalities issue registrations and plates; check with your city or town to see if they participate in this program or refer to our listing of participating municipalities. If you choose to register your vehicle in your city or town, expect to pay a small, additional service charge (as allowed by law) for their courtesy.

Form BR is the Uniform Branch Office Registration form that enables firms to "register" or "notice file" branch offices electronically through Web CRD with FINRA, the New York Stock Exchange, Inc. (NYSE) and other participating jurisdictions. Information about "registering" or "notice filing" branch offices using the Form BR is available at:

(a) If a firm has only a main office (and no other locations), and the firm registers the main office as a branch office, how should the firm associate the individuals located at the main office?

Form U4 requires all individuals to report in Section 1 (General Information) the Office of Employment where the individual is physically located. If the individual is physically located at only one location (i.e., the main office), there are two options:

No. The question is optional. Under MSRB rules, certain entities may be required to identify whether a branch office is designated as an OMSJ (as such term is defined under MSRB rules). To assist those entities that use Form BR in complying with that MSRB requirement, a firm may elect to answer this question in Section 2 (Registration/Notice Filing/Type of Office/Activities) to help track their OMSJs.

CRD automatically populates the CRD number field (if applicable) when the name of the investment-related entity is entered on the 04/2014 Form BR and vice versa. As a result, firms will not be required to search the CRD number, if applicable, for each investment-related entity with which a registered branch office occupies space. Firms should review any pre-populated information when filing an amendment on the 04/2014 Form BR to ensure that such information is complete and accurate prior to submitting the filing.

Firms must report any location where books and records for the registered branch office are kept, other than the address of the registered branch office, the main office or, if applicable, the OSJ designated to supervise the registered branch office. The firm must provide the address of such location and the name and telephone number of a contact person.

To the extent possible, FINRA will pre-populate data fields for questions that have been modified or relocated and for which firms have previously provided a response (e.g., the Other Business Activities question). Firms should review any pre-populated information when filing an amendment on Form BR to ensure that such information is complete and accurate prior to submitting the filing. Some of the information elicited on the 10/2005 Form BR will be elicited on the 04/2014 Form BR through a modified question or a question that is located in a different section. For example, both the 10/2005 Form BR and 04/2014 Form BR elicit information regarding investment-related activities conducted by an associated individual at the branch office in addition to the activities conducted by the firm at the branch office (Other Business Activities); however, the 10/2005 Form BR elicited this information in a free-text format, while the 04/2014 Form BR elicits the information through discrete data fields.

13. Should a firm complete Section 5 (Associated Individuals) of the Form BR in the case of a single-person branch office or in the case of a single-person, sole proprietorship broker-dealer?

No, in the case of a single-person branch office, the firm will have reported that individual as the "person-in-charge" in Section 2 (Registration/Notice Filing/Type of Office/Activities). In the case of a single-person, sole proprietorship broker-dealer; the firm will have reported that individual as the "supervisor" in Section 2 (Registration/Notice Filing/Type of Office/Activities).

Section 6 does not mandate which books and records a firm must maintain in the event of a branch closing. It only requires that the firm report the address where the books and records of the closed branch will be kept. A firm's books and records requirements may be found in Rules 17a-3 and 17a-4 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

If the branch office being closed is the sole Office of Employment Address for an individual, the firm will need to file a Form U4 amendment to update the individual's Office of Employment Address and associate him/her with another registered Office of Employment Address location before the Form BR branch closing or withdrawal can be submitted.

NOTE: A firm may need to register its main office as a branch office if it meets the definition of branch office set forth in FINRA Rule 3110(g)(2) or the rule(s) adopted by other SROs or participating jurisdictions. See FAQ 5.

No. Firms do not need to file U4 amendments for the individuals associated with that location to reflect the branch address change. The Form BR information is linked to the Form U4 so the address change made on the Form BR will also update the records of the individuals associated with that branch office.

The President has the power either to sign legislation into law or to veto bills enacted by Congress, although Congress may override a veto with a two-thirds vote of both houses. The Executive Branch conducts diplomacy with other nations and the President has the power to negotiate and sign treaties, which the Senate ratifies. The President can issue executive orders, which direct executive officers or clarify and further existing laws. The President also has the power to extend pardons and clemencies for federal crimes.

The DOD consists of the Departments of the Army, Navy, and Air Force, as well as many agencies, offices, and commands, including the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Pentagon Force Protection Agency, the National Security Agency, and the Defense Intelligence Agency. The DOD occupies the vast majority of the Pentagon building in Arlington, Virginia. 041b061a72


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