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Nice 9 Mp4 ((BETTER))

We do pay attention to video formats :) FWIW, there is a really nice "is it supported" Web page on that provides a decent overview of what supports what. It would be nice to "standardize" on one video format, but I do not believe it would be possible to do -- there are various factors involved... some that we have control of, some that we do not. That said, we are in the process of putting a video transcoding extension on this site (most likely in the next week or so). This extension optimizes video by automatically transcoding videos to take advantage of the latest HTML5 capabilities available from the most popular browsers (e.g. IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari) without requiring any extra plugins. As videos are uploaded and viewed within the community, they are automatically transcoded into the widely-supported HTML5 formats H.264 and WebM. Non-HTML5 browsers play the the H.264 version via Flash. The video transcoder supports these standard video formats:

Nice 9 mp4


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