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Super Lumberjack full crack [PC]

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we like that the action is set in a near-future version of san francisco, but the lack of references to modern technology was somewhat disappointing. where is the google maps mentioned in the teaser?

patricia is a good start if youre lvling in fire, but in the beginning she isnt the best elixir snatcher. we recommend hammer move to get to range 1. after that you can start by burning her for full range and then snatching to get elixir later and avoid pushing until you get enough elixir. in general if she doesnt chase, its an ok time to push and work your way towards royal towers. otherwise if she catches you, it is a really annoying matchup.

ganon: 7 when you look at his stats, you would be surprised that he doesnt have good damage. just like patricia and link, they have thunder pulverize as their main defense, except he doesnt have four barrels like them. all four barrels hit a single tower for a much larger aoe than patricia/link and an even larger effective range than hog rider. they dont cycle like hog cycle, but they do spawn units in a radius of 600. by the time you get to their side, they are dead. laser being charged is very annoying for him as he has no defensive option. they also have 4 musketeers in a range of 200. once you detonate their tower, musketeers can ult, so be ready for when theyre in range. they will try to stick their units in your towers to disrupt your push. make sure you get a safe distance away and powerbomb them before running back in for a push.


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