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Stoneshard: Prologue - How to Play the Full Game for Free with an Activation Key

head to the left and you'll be able to use the switch you can see, which will open the door on the right. inside there is a chest with a deadly spine shard. head up the stairs and go right. there is a small chest on the right, and a corpse with a rusted spine shard on the left.

Stoneshard: Prologue activation key generator

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once you have reached the top of the staircase, head to the left and you'll be able to find a body on the right with a rusted bone shard. use the switch you can see to open the door to the left. inside, there is a chest with a bone shard and a corpse with a rusted bone shard . head up and go left. there is a corpse on the left with a crushed bone shard . head to the right and there is a chest with a scorched bone shard .

once his back is turned, the two huntsmen will come out of the gate and advance. they don't like being in the open, and often dive back into the interior if you target them. the two huntsmen will attempt to push you back towards the town - but you can use the nearby ladder to climb to the top of the wall and sneak back into the houses - where a door will become unlocked to allow you back in. here you can grab some blood vials from another corpse.

he will make a sudden 180 degree turn and run towards you - and will often run under the edge of the pathway and climb up the wall, which is a game of cat-and-mouse. watch for his head to pop up, and dodge or counter-attack. he is prone to tossing a few grenades, so if you do manage to get up there, make sure you dodge them. his maul is his real strength though, and will often knock you out of the air and you into a free fall to the ground. keep an eye on the time - you're now in a place where the only safe escape is to the nearby ladder. this isnt the only ladder - there is another one in the courtyard of the house you entered from. head down to the right, and grab the blood vials off the corpse.


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