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The Godmother English Version Full Movie

Parents need to know that Godmothered is a contemporary twist on the traditional Cinderella tale. In this case, the story is told from the perspective of a slightly bumbling fairy godmother-in-training named Eleanor (Jillian Bell). Glimpses of more adult humor -- shots at a bar pool table, a euphemism for sex, and a misunderstanding about sharing "needles" in an alleyway -- will likely fly over younger viewers' heads. Same goes for the movie's subtext about fear-mongering and trivialization in the news business, which is played for humor. What will stick is Eleanor's sweetness and humor and her total belief in fairy-tale concepts like princes, princesses, castles, carriages, magic, love, and happy endings. All of which get thrown into question in a lighthearted way that's meant to show kids that true love can come in many different forms and that happy endings aren't only about a man and a woman getting married. Young viewers may also connect with two children who are struggling in the wake of their father's death. Expect a few salty fairy-tale puns like "mother of fudge," "son of a butterscotch," and "oh my godmother." Language also includes "idiots, "weirdo," "freak," and "oh my God." Eleanor has an allergic reaction to shellfish and has to be shot in the thigh with an EpiPen.

the Godmother english version full movie


Eleanor (Jillian Bell) is a fairy godmother-in-training in GODMOTHERED. When she discovers the training school is in danger of being shut down, and all the godmothers made tooth fairies due to a decline in a call for their services, she escapes "Motherland" to track down a last unfulfilled request from a 10-year-old girl. However, Eleanor discovers that the girl, Mackenzie (Isla Fisher), is now a widowed adult with two kids, and Eleanor is woefully unprepared for both the realities of city life and some of the necessary skills to be a fully competent fairy godmother. Still, her faith in magic and happy endings will drive her to help Mackenzie and her daughters to the best of her abilities. All of them will learn new lessons about life, love, and happy endings in the process.

Godmothered aims to turn the fairy tale trope on its head, and it succeeds to a certain degree, but that doesn't make this film any less predictable or more realistic. In fact, Eleanor's closing-act tribute to diversity, which offers a contemporary twist on the ideas of "true love" and "happily ever after," isn't backed up by the rest of the movie, which feels pretty traditional in both characters and storyline. Riffs on the classic tale of Cinderella are fun, and Bell's charming central performance keeps the film afloat. Fisher and Santiago Cabrera as her love interest, Hugh Prince, are solid, but co-stars Jane Curtin and June Squibb as aging fairy godmothers are sorely underused.

Here, despite being the star of her own story, Blanco never goes beyond being happy, sad, or angry, and forget about learning anything close to the interiority of her thoughts. The superficially crass dialogue is partly to blame but so is the breakneck speed in which the movie tries to hit every one of the big events in her life. But when her life is full of psychopathic sons, disposable husbands, double-crosses, hookups, smuggling drugs, and lots and lots of murder, trying to fit all of that into two hours leads to episodic fatigue and desensitization.


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